We are pioneering a new chapter in online shopping, with a marketplace that merges the exciting possibilities of virtual reality with the robustness and security of blockchain technology.

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Step into the future of e-commerce, where virtual reality and blockchain technology combine to redefine the shopping experience. By launching your store with us, you’re not just selling products; you’re offering an immersive and interactive journey for your customers. Our platform brings your products to life with VR, engaging shoppers in a unique way, while our secure blockchain framework ensures transactional trust and integrity.

Discover the advantages of being part of The Space Mall, where digital retail meets innovation, and connect with a global audience ready for a revolutionary shopping experience:

Connect with a Global Audience
Connect with a Global Audience
Be at the Forefront of Digital Retail
Be at the Forefront of Digital Retail
Transactional Trust
Transactional Trust
Engaging Shoppers in a Unique Way
Engaging Shoppers in a Unique Way
Brings Your Products to Life with VR
Brings Your Products to Life with VR
Immersive and Interactive Journey for Your Customers
Immersive and Interactive Journey for Your Customers

Potential Market

The Space Mall caters primarily to those who have ventured into the world of digital finance, and seek a secure and reliable platform for their transactions.

Our 3D blockchain-supported shopping mall is crafted to cater to the ever growing needs of this community, offering a diverse range of products and services for acquisition through digital assets.
The limitations of using your digital assets solely for exchanges and payments are now a thing of the past.
With our platform, you can utilize them across a broad spectrum of businesses,
unlocking the true potential of this groundbreaking technology.
The Space Mall is your one-stop destination where convenience and security
meet, providing everything you need in one place.
Join our community and explore a new realm of possibilities in the digital
finance market.


In a venture with CPCx0 Chain renowned for their commitment to transparency and efficiency, a Smart Contract has been introduced for TSM, designed to bolster its dependability and safeguard its operations.

Thanks to this solution, The Space Mall will be able to invest in the creation of its revolutionary 3D ecosystem. This means that you will be able to visit a unique platform, allowing you to explore the virtual world while making your purchases.
The future is here, and we are building it for you with TSM and CPCx0 Chain!
This new online shopping platform will completely change the way we shop.

This new online shopping platform will completely change the way we shop

About Us

We are undertaking a project goal of creating a virtual shopping mall, powered by CPCx0 Chain blockchain technology.
Introducing a novel concept in the realm of shopping malls.
The Space Mall merges the best of two worlds: the thrill of engaging with digital assets and the ease of online shopping, all in one destination.

Who says you can’t enjoy the best of both worlds?

Our mission

Our Mission is to create a unique and cutting-edge community, where users can connect through an virtual reality space-themed shopping mall, backed by blockchain technology.

We are committed to offering an unparalleled experience, where users can create their personalized avatars, acquire special edition accessories and visit businesses in two exciting ways:
Through a quick purchase option or through a game mode purchase option, where users can participate in different dynamics to earn points and discounts.

Additionally, we will encourage interaction with other users through each other’s friends network, which will create a vibrant and dynamic community of businesses and technology.
Together, we are taking the shopping experience to a new level in the digital space.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be leaders in the creation and development of unique and innovative virtual reality experiences, supported by blockchain technology, positioning ourselves as the reference platform for interaction and commerce between users and businesses.

We aim to revolutionize the global market of businesses and technologies, promoting inclusion and fun in the process.

Our Expert Team




Founding Leader Mexico


Communications South America


Head of Support


Graphic Designer


Communications Benelux

our Roadmap


Formation of the Founding Team

Establishment of a dedicated and passionate group to lead the project.


Execution of the website

Creation and launch of an official website to establish an online presence and share key information about the project.


Start Campaing on networks

Creation of accounts on various social platforms to engage the community, promote transparency, and share updates.


Start marketing campaing

Utilization of various marketing techniques to raise awareness about the project to a wider audience.


Support for Collaborators and Development of Academy of training specialized in blockchain

Providing assistance to collaborators and establishing a training center to promote understanding of blockchain technology.


Realization of the official site in 2D Marketplace The Space Mall

Development of a 2D online platform to showcase The Space Mall project.


Introduction of companies

Inclusion of companies and products on the platform to expand the mall's offerings.


Introduction of Payment System

Implementation of an innovative payment system.


Expansion of the design and programming team

Expansion of the team with programming and design experts to further develop the project.


Development of The Space Mall platform in 3D

Development of a 3D version of The Space Mall to provide a more immersive user experience.


Software and Hardware related to the project

Work on software and hardware elements to improve and optimize the TSM system.